Protection Guru


Protection Guru is a new independent protection information and education hub, designed for professional advisers.

The hub provides advisers with free access to granular, detailed analysis on the protection products and services available in the market, that FTRC produce on a regularly basis.


They have recently launched a brand new Covid-19 microsite which we believe our members will find useful. Click here to view. Protection Guru have asked Providers a series of questions designed to help advisers understand any changes being made as a result of the pandemic. This provides further information to advisers on a number of topics, including: additional disclosures insurers now expect, changes to underwriting questions and articles to help advisers understand key questions they need to consider when approaching protection applications at this time.


Protection Guru focuses on product analysis and comparisons, policy condition changes, and policy upgrades, across the full range of protection contracts, including:

It also explores areas such as the different types of conditions that are more prevalent among adults and children at different ages. This data can then be used by advisers to determine the most appropriate protection cover and policy for their clients.

Protection Guru is not a news site but designed to complement the work of the industry trade press by providing advisers with a more granular level of detail on the latest product details technical information and key issues to consider than it is practical to produce within media sites.

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