Individual protection
About AIG Life – Personal and business protection from AIG
Critical illness cover without the gaps
Overview of the AIG Critical Illness with Term Assurance sales aid
Guide to our Critical Illness Cover
Critical Illness Comparison Guide
Key3 Critical Illness Insurance – sales aid
Key3 Critical Illness Insurance – dedicated website with sales tools for adviser
Low Start sales aid
Income protection - comparison table
Relevant Life Insurance – a guide for employees and small businesses
Relevant Life Insurance – adviser guide
Relevant Life Insurance – comparison table
AIG Relevant Life Insurance – F&TRC Ratings
AIG Relevant Life Insurance – Calculator
KEY3 Critical Illness - Playbook

Whole of Life Insurance
Customer guide
IHT calculator

Care Cover with Whole of Life Insurance
Customer Guide
Overview sales aid

Reasons Why letters
Reasons Why – AIG YourLife Plan/Low Start (all options)
Reasons Why - AIG Relevant Life Insurance
Reason Why - AIG Care Cover with Whole of Life Insurance
Reasons Why - AIG Key3 Critical Illness Insurance and Key3 Critical Illness with Life Insurance
Reasons Why - AIG Business Protection

Business protection
Business Protection – adviser guide
Business Protection – crib sheet
Business Protection – customer guide
AIG Business Protection - Conversation starter
AIG Business Protection – F&TRC Ratings
AIG Business needs risk assessment form
AIG Business Protection – Company valuation calculator

Family income benefit
AIG Family Income Benefit – Minal Spencer scenario

More than financial support
Best Doctors – customer leaflet
Best Doctors – customer leaflet – critical Illness
Best Doctors member story – Maria
Winston’s Wish – customer leaflet

Quick Reference Underwriting Guide