Title Date
Paradigm Protect: Protection Newsletter Winter 2020 15 Dec 20
Paradigm Protect: Protection Newsletter Special Edition: Unsung Heroes 30 Nov 20
Paradigm Protect: Protection Newsletter Autumn 2020 29 Sep 20
Paradigm Protect: Protection Newsletter Summer 2020 30 Jun 20
Mortgage Introducer: Mental health problems could be for life, not just for 'lockdown' 29 May 20
Mortgage Introducer: With WFH, don't underestimate the importance of compliance 30 Apr 20
Paradigm Protect: Protection Newsletter March 2020 30 Mar 20
Mortgage Introducer: 'Life assurance needs to be sold not bought' - not at the moment it doesn't 27 Mar 20
Mortgage Introducer: 'Trust me, I'm a mortgage adviser' - how trust advice is getting simpler 28 Feb 20
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Product Innovation will continue into 2020 - but nothing beats getting back to basics and customer service 18 Dec 19
Mortgage Introducer: How to get the most out of a communication strategy 20 Nov 19
Mortgage Introducer: SMCR – a perfect example of why smaller DA firms need external compliance support 31 Oct 19
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Insurers exist to pay claims - and they are pretty good at 'doing what it says on the tin' - but many are going further in their pursuit of excellence 27 Sept 19
Mortgage Introducer: 'Opportunity Knocks' for IP sales in private rental sector 30 July 19
Mortgage Introducer: The advisory job is difficult when it comes to covering children 02 July 19
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Resilience in the face of adversity - that British trait echoed by the actions of our very own Protection Industry 28 June 19
iPipeline Quarterly: What has driven an increase in Income Protection Sales? 01 June 19
Mortgage Introducer: Is the direct to consumer market a threat to the traditional adviser when it comes to protection? 01 June 19
Mortgage Introducer: Are we seeing a shift in the development of life assurance? 01 May 19
Mortgage Introducer: Are protection sales benefitting from product transfer fees to brokers? 09 April 19
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Sales and Innovation is the way forward 27 March 19
Mortgage Introducer: Is protecting the roof over our heads becoming a greater challenge? 05 March 19
Money Marketing: Wealth advisers taking on the protection sales challenge 04 March 19
Mortgage Introducer: Positive Outlook for Protection Sales in 2019 09 Jan 19
Paradigm Protect Newsletter - 'Sales' is not a dirty word 18 Dec 18
Mortgage Introducer: I'm an AR - Get me out of here?  02 Nov 18
Paradigm Protect: Special Edition Marketing Newsletter 25 Oct 18
Mortgage Introducer: IDD brings new challenges to DA protection & GI brokers 09 Oct 18
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Sales and compliance are a synergy, not poles apart  27 Sep 18
Mortgage Introducer: Is product design leading the way to help bridge the protection gap? 03 Sep 18
Mortgage Introducer: Working with providers can help shape marketing focus 29 Jun 18
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Ongoing innovation providing a boost to Protection market as 2017 sales rocket 28 June 18
Mortgage Introducer: Is life assurance ‘going what it says on the tin’? 01 June 18
Mortgage Introducer: The Adviser Conundrum - life versus CI v IP - is getting harder 01 May 18
Mortgage Introducer: Is the protection market showing signs of growth at last? 03 April 18
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: A spotlight on Mental Health 28 March 18
Mortgage Introducer: A focus on quality and sound product analysis ensures positive outcomes for clients 05 March 18
Mortgage Introducer: Mental Illness - a Key Underwriting Area in Protection Business 01 Feb 18
Mortgage Introducer: A review of 2017 and the Five key areas of growth for Protection Business 09 Jan 18
Paradigm Market Update & Outlook 2018 20 Dec 17
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Five areas of Protection Business Development for 2018 Sales Plans 20 Dec 17
Mortgage Introducer: The ‘Black Friday’ effect – helping brokers identify personal risk versus sales opportunities 27 Nov 17
Mortgage Introducer: Opportunities for landlord insurance sales in the changing BTL market 27 Oct 17
Mortgage Introducer: Practical opportunities exist in BTL limited company protection space 29 Sep 17
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Innovation can be the Death or Saviour of an Industry – so how does the Current Life Assurance Industry Fare? 29 Sep 17
Mortgage Introducer: Providers need to push back the boundaries to make life easier for mortgage brokers 31 Aug 17
Mortgage Introducer: Later life lending offers opportunities for later life protection 30 Jun 17
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Protecting the Family is as Important as ever for Quality Advisers 29 Jun 17
Mortgage Introducer Article: May 2017 27 May 17
Mortgage Introducer: Are we searching for the Holy Grail when it already exists? 28 Apr 17
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Revolution or Evolution: Are Life Products keeping pace with Technology? 31 Mar 17
Mortgage Introducer: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it 23 Mar 17
Mortgage Introducer Article: February 2017 23 Feb 17
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Increasing protection sales in 2017 30 Dec 16
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: New Cost-Effective Income Protection Plans 24 Nov 16
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: New Technology & Multi-Benefit Plans 30 Sep 16
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Post-Brexit focus on Business Protection 30 Jun 16
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Spotlight on Critical Illness 30 Mar 16
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Reach for the Stars in 2016 21 Dec 15
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Spotlight on Changing State Benefits 17 Nov 15
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Spotlight on Critical Illness Cover 30 Jun 15
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Changing the perception of deception for the better 02 Jun 15
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Underwriting 18 Dec 14
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Relevant Life Cover 03 Nov 14
Paradigm Protect rolls out F&TRC's comparison service 28 Oct 14
Paradigm Protect Newsletter: Protection & Technology 01 Sep 14
Paradigm Protect Newsletter 19 Jun 14
Paradigm Protect to use social media to start protection debate 31 Mar 14
Paradigm Protect launched to market 27 Mar 14
Paradigm launch lender and provider awards 04 Feb 14