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Exeter Family Friendly

Making the phones ring
Regardless of how passionately you believe in income protection and how persuasive you are, you won't manage to protect more families if you don't have anyone to talk to.

To help give your clients, or indeed potential new clients a good reason to contact you today, we've designed a range of conversation starters for you to use. Each concept is designed to ask a question or give the respondent something to ponder. It's not about scaring them or blinding them with statistics and facts, but simply making them think. Use the links below to begin using the conversation starters straight away.

 Don't play snakes and ladders with your home

 Protect your rent before you're sent packing

 Is it time you put your employer under the spotlight?

 Stuff happens

 From sports star to sofa star

 Bank of Mum & Dad

 Wake up and smell the coffee

 Save for a sunny day

 Your life in their hands

 Pay Day

 Income is the glue in your life

 Insurance is dull, but it protects the exciting stuff

 He’s young, carefree and insured. Are you?

 If you don’t like insurance companies’ forms, you should see the government’s

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