Paradigm's General Insurance Proposition

This month, we are really putting the spotlight on general insurance as we’ve found that many advisers either do not write general insurance, or do not yet have their agencies aligned to Paradigm. We know that you always want to ensure that your clients are well protected and that’s why we have a comprehensive range of Providers who will cover a wide range of scenarios for your clients. We also have trusted referral partners that have no cross-sell guarantees meaning that you can trust them to care for your clients’ GI needs – and only that! Indeed, the risk of losing clients to comaprison sites is ever-increasing, with those sites now also selling a wide range of financial services from mortgages to ISAs to CI policies. Don’t let a client sort their own GI online and then get lured in for a cheap protection product with less actual protection and much greater excess amounts! What’s more… whether you want to write the GI case yourself or refer to our trusted Partners, if you’re not aligned to Paradigm for this then you’re missing out: when your agency is aligned to Paradigm, we get paid overrides on this business on top of your commission, and these are included in the annual rebate scheme – both for initial override commission and on renewals. So why not take a look below at our great panel and see if we can help you to help your clients….

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